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1. Rhg Demo ( Kurizo )

Rhg Demo ( Kurizo )

Un finished but just a demo.

2. RHG Demo - Xantus

RHG Demo - Xantus

My RHG Demo.

3. RHG Demo - Xanthom

  • Published: Jun 17, 2014
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By meo bexu
RHG Demo - Xanthom

HEY GUYS! Wolf Here! It has been awhile since I uploaded a video. This is my RHG Demo for my character Xanthom. His page ...

4. Elias RHG demo

  • Published: Aug 05, 2015
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By Mikeatron72
Elias RHG demo

My first flash animation, enjoy.



new rhg song:monster by skillet.

6. CapPop's Stages (Rhg Demo#2)

CapPop's Stages (Rhg Demo#2)

Thanks for Watching this Video. If you would like more videos, check out meh channel in the top right cornor of your ipad, or under this description for computers, ...

7. Frox (RHG Demo)

  • Published: Jul 05, 2013
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By TheLewySSJ
Frox (RHG Demo)

Frox RHG Page

8. RHG Demo: Heroisis

RHG Demo: Heroisis

this is my first rhg demo. subscribe if you want more.

9. Push RHG Demo

  • Published: Aug 30, 2014
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By [Constant]
Push RHG Demo

Push vs 7 enemies. Yup. This was my third attempt at a demo for this guy 'cuz the first two were garbage -_- Song is "You Make Me Sick" by Of Mice & Men.

10. Rhg demo 1 - Arias

Rhg demo 1 - Arias

Want an RHG to fight another but can't animate? Leave your characters info down in the comments and it just might happen! Summary of Rock Hard Gladiator ...

11. Rhg Demo: L

  • Published: Jul 02, 2015
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By LeVy Anims

12. RHG 2: Lithiux VS Burst

  • Published: Oct 22, 2015
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By exa

13. Phase RHG demo Remake

  • Published: Sep 21, 2015
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By Kamikaze
Phase RHG demo Remake

Here is an animation showing Phases abilities. Enjoy :)

14. RHG Demo:Mortal

RHG Demo:Mortal

INGORE THE ICON OF THAT,I DONT HAVE WINDOWS MEDIA MAKER. So,you seen my last video of minecraft:How herobrine createn,So i saw i want to ...

15. Push RHG Demo (Greatest Swordsman Collab Entry)

  • Published: Sep 03, 2015
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By Ethan Faber
Push RHG Demo (Greatest Swordsman Collab Entry)

I made a short entry for Op34's "Greatest Swordsman Collaboration" - not sure if my entry made it into the final video or not, so I'm posting my scene here :D ...

16. New RHG Demo - Spikey

  • Published: Nov 17, 2010
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By JeehoonOh
New RHG Demo - Spikey

I think it's pretty sexy.

17. RHG 2 Ernest Vs Asura

RHG 2 Ernest Vs Asura

Too old....3 months+ old And Im already finished with my Rhg 3 Plz Enjoy.

18. Jinx Vs R3D X (1\2) RHG 3

Jinx Vs R3D X (1\2) RHG 3

Jinx Vs R3D X.

19. [Mount & Blade: Warband] UHAHA AHA AH HA HAHHHHH.jpeg

  • Published: Jun 26, 2012
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By Uber
[Mount & Blade: Warband] UHAHA AHA AH HA HAHHHHH.jpeg